Hydraulic Oil 46

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Experience the reliability of Hydraulic Oil 46, meticulously crafted from refined mineral base oils and fortified with premium additives to enhance aging stability and corrosion protection. This exceptional hydraulic fluid shields hydraulic pumps, motors, components, and machine elements from wear and tear. Versatile and universally applicable, Hydraulic Oil 46 is your go-to choice for demulsifying hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils, suitable for both mobile and stationary hydraulic units where type HLP demulsifying hydraulic oil is recommended. With its outstanding corrosion protection, aging stability, wear resistance, hydrolytic stability, and excellent filtration behavior, Hydraulic Oil 46 ensures peak performance and longevity for your hydraulic systems. Upgrade your equipment's efficiency and reliability with Hydraulic Oil 46 today.

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Hydraulic Oil 46

TEXOIL HYDRA series is based on selected refine mineral base oils. Quality additives improve the aging stability and corrosion protection properties.
TEXOIL HYDRA series protects hydraulic pumps, motors, components and machine elements from wear.

TEXOIL HYDRA series universally applicable demulsifying hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils. They can be used in all types of mobile and stationary hydraulic units where the use of a demulsifying hydraulic oil (type HLP) is recommended. The TEXOIL HYDRA series shows good filtration behavior.

Outstanding Features
• Good corrosion protection
• Good aging stability
• Good wears protection
• Good hydrolytic stability
• Good filtration behaviour

Typical Properties
hydraulic oil 46

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Hydraulic Oil 46

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